The best strength & conditioning workout around! These 60 min classes use everything from barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells to rowers, assault bikes and more! 

45 minutes of calorie crushing classes built around TRX straps and high intensity functional workouts. 

Elevate, challenge and thrive with beat driven rides and a welcoming community. 

Offering two styles of yoga - Power and Flow

Choosing the right gym can be overwhelming. At Thrive Fitness we believe that training in a functional way and using movements that reflect real-life activities will benefit your body best. Thrive's many classes and fitness programs are designed to provide results for people in all walks of life. Join our community and start on your fitness journey today! 


This is where everyone starts with their Thrive Fitness Experience. Begin with one of three ways to slowly introduce you into the community of Thrive Fitness. During this experience you will be working with one of our Thrive Fitness coaches who will safely expose you to our movement curriculum in a 1:1 & or small group setting. Movement will be taught as well as gradual introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our group classes. This will give you a good idea of how Thrive Fitness operates as well as show you what you can expect in each class. These 1:1 session are schedule around your busy schedule, once you have completed your 1:1 sessions or small group classes you will be given 1-2 weeks to try our classes for free.

116 Gateway Dr. 

North Sioux City, SD 57049



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