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A 60  minute class focused on conditioning-based workouts. Use everything from rowers, bikes, running, boxes, bodyweight movements, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-ups & more! 

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A 50 min class alternating bouts of weight training, core training, and cardiovascular training. This delivers a triple threat workout of high intensity sweat, low impact burn, all to give you total body results.

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A 60 minute strength class focused on strength training, You learn how to move weights better and safer while getting stronger and more fit along the way. Use everything from barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells & odd objects. 

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Elevate, Challenge, and THRIVE with beat driven, strobe light spin classes. Classes range from Tabata, HIIT, Climb, Free Style, & Interval classes that are 30-60 mins long. Featuring 20 Precor bikes connected to the SPIVI App you can bike a new virtual location in each class! 

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Working with a personal trainer is one of the fastest, easiest, and most successful ways to reach your goals and improve your overall fitness and health. Thrive offers both private & small group personal training by certified coaches.

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The stress of exercise can take a toll on our tissues & joints resulting in poor movement patterns.  The longer we enable these patterns, the higher the risk of an injury occurring. Rehab & Recovery helps soothe these muscles and corrects movement.  

6,700 square feet of 24-hour gym access. 3,500 square feet of that boost brand new top-of-the-line Pecor equipment.  Each piece of equipment has QR scanners to access training tips, set reps and add workouts right from your smart phone. The cardio equipment is Bluetooth enabled and allows you to track workouts as well as set goals specific to your fitness needs. 3,200 square feet of that boost Rogue Fitness strength equipment + 15 x 70ft strip of turf for sled pushes and sprint work.

 At Thrive Fitness we believe that training in a functional way and using movements that reflect real-life activities will benefit your body best. Thrive's many classes and fitness programs are designed to provide results for people in all walks of life. 

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Your Thrive Fitness experience begins with a 45-minute tour & fitness discovery meeting. Here we will discuss the best program for you based around your goals, schedule, & fitness level. We will help you determine your path by getting to know you better & talking about your fitness experience. We strongly recommend doing a move assessment and/or personal training before starting any fitness program or class.