Our Story

Choosing the right gym can be a hard task. When you choose Thrive Fitness we will commit to providing effective, realistic, and engaging programs that are designed to produce top results. All of our classes are tailored for any individual; whether you’re a beginner or just looking to change things up, we have a program for you! Our aim is to support people from all walks of life, and help you achieve your personal fitness and health goals.


At Thrive Fitness we believe that training in a functional way and using movements that reflect real-life activities will benefit your body much more effectively than standard training. This will allow one to adapt more easily and prepare yourself for everyday life. We offer many different classes and fitness programs that are great for anyone who’s looking to jump start their fitness. Personal training or individualized programming are great for those that are looking for a more specific and personalized gym experience. Our techniques go beyond the body and open the mind to experience how your body can truly function and move. We want to change the way you look at health and fitness. It’s more than just a workout at Thrive Fitness, it’s a way of life. Come and be a part of it!

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Our Facilities


Thrive Fitness

300 Centennial Drive

North Sioux City, SD 57049




This community of people is committed to being better every day, not better than each other but being better than each of us was yesterday. The programming is designed to challenge every person and yet adaptable to every skill and fitness level. 

I always assumed getting fit would be something I did alone, outside the view of others. I, mistakenly, thought that I was too out of shape and overweight to be able to keep up. It turns out that fitness is so much easier with the support of others. 


It all started when my 17 year old daughter said "Dad I think I might like to try cross fit". I was slightly taken aback and agreed thinking I would go with her for the first month and then she could continue without me. Well, after the first month I was hooked. Three years has gone by quickly, some coaches have come and gone yet Thrive Fitness remains steadfast and continues to look at what is best for their members regardless of where they are at in their fitness journey. 

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We joined Thrive fitness as former athletes wanting something a little more intense than your typical gym membership. We were attracted to the coach led workouts and competitive atmosphere between members during classes. Little did we know our Thrive experience would be so much more. 

The main thing we value about Thrive is the community within the gym. We have met so many amazing people through Thrive.

Everyone at the gym is so supportive of each other's growth 

inside and outside of the gym. This gym and the people in it have become a big part of our lives and we are thankful for the relationships we have created.


The coaching is an element of Thrive that really separates it from the average gym. The coaching in class not only keeps us motivated to complete workouts to our best ability. The coaching staff also critiques our form during workouts allowing us to complete workouts correctly and keeping our bodies healthy and safe from injury. Travis also incorporates goal setting into his coaching plan. It is nice to have someone invested in your goals who can hold you accountable.


Thrive fitness has not only allowed us to get in better shape and keep us healthy. Going to Thrive is something that we have grown to love to do together as a couple. It is a journey we have taken as a couple and we believe it has brought us closer. We encourage each other, hold each other accountable, and even get a little competitive to beat one another during workouts. It has been so fun to be able to enjoy this fitness journey with a significant other.


I've been a member of Thrive Fitness for 3 years - what an awesome gym! 

It's a beautiful place  and there are so many options to pick from to get a great workout in. There is something for everyone. The facility is super clean, it makes you feel safe working out in a gym. Thrive is affordable given all of the amenities it has to offer it's members. I would recommend Thrive Fitness to anyone. There are people of all fitness levels, all ages, and from all walks of life that work out here.