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Choosing the right gym can be a hard task. When you choose Thrive Fitness we will commit to providing effective, realistic, and engaging programs that are designed to produce top results. All of our classes are tailored for any individual; whether you’re a beginner or just looking to change things up, we have a program for you! Our aim is to support people from all walks of life, and help you achieve your personal fitness and health goals.


At Thrive Fitness we believe that training in a functional way and using movements that reflect real-life activities will benefit your body much more effectively than standard training. This will allow one to adapt more easily and prepare yourself for everyday life. We offer many different classes and fitness programs that are great for anyone who’s looking to jump start their fitness. Personal training or individualized programming are great for those that are looking for a more specific and personalized gym experience. Our techniques go beyond the body and open the mind to experience how your body can truly function and move. We want to change the way you look at health and fitness. It’s more than just a workout at Thrive Fitness, it’s a way of life. Come and be a part of it!


Our Facilities


Thrive Fitness

116 Gateway Rd 

North Sioux City, SD 57049



Joining Thrive has been one of the best decisions I have made. The workouts are great and challenging for any fitness level, the coaches are encouraging and informative, and the members create a welcoming family-like atmosphere.


I was terrified walking in the door for the first class, afraid of not being able to finish a workout and that I would Neve be able to do half the movements asked for that workout. I learned quickly that I was wrong. The coaches are always supportive and extremely helpful in modifiying to avoid injury. Everyone is at their own fitness level and it doesn't matter as it is a fitness family, we encourage and cheer and celebrate along the way.


I had posted about my weight on Facebook and how frustrated I had become. I reached 419 pounds and was slowly killing myself. It sounds extreme but true. Tracis reached out to me from that post and I came in to talk with him. I signed on with Thrive membership and Optiva. Best decision I have ever made. I always tell friends and family if I can do this at 51 years young then anyone can do it. Go for it! 


116 Gateway Dr. 

North Sioux City, SD 57049


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