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These 45 minute group classes are carefully designed to burn calories, keep your heart rate high, build lean body mass, burn fat, boost your metabolism, increase your energy and get results. No Thrive TRX class is ever the same MPACT is a strength based class MPULSE is a cardio focused class TRX 4 ROUNDS is just an overall HIIT training boot camp style workout These classes use bodyweight movements, core exercises, TRX straps, bikes, rowers, ski ergs, dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls. and more - no barbells!
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Alternating intervals of weight training & core training with a rowing machine to help deliver a triple threat workout of high-intensity sweat, low impact burn, and total body results.  Some days you will be on the rower for 45 minutes straight but other days you will mix rowing with bodyweight movements and weight training in interval style workouts. Get ready for some of the best fitness workouts you will ever try with Thrive Row! 


Thrive Lift is a 60 minute class focused on strength training, You learn how to move weights better and safer while getting stronger and more fit along the way. Use everything from barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells & odd objects. 

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At Thrive Fitness we offer two types of yoga. Power Yoga is a breath based class that encourages body awareness through building strength and balance in longer held poses. Thrive Flow is a wonderful compliment to a high intensity workout. This is a much-needed class for anyone wanting to unwind a tight body, mind or heart. 

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Elevate, challenge and thrive with beat driven rides and a welcoming community. Our motivational trainers

take the time to learn your names and needs. Every class has a different feel - enjoy ride styles like Tabata, HIIT, Free Style, Low Impact and Interval Based. Get strong, free your mind, and be motivated with Thrive Spin. 

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Thrive Burn is a 60 minute class focused on conditioning-based workouts. Get ready to burn the maximum amount of calories possible. Use everything from rowers, bikes, running, boxes, bodyweight movements, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-ups & so much more!