New Thrive members begin their journey with one of two ways. Jumping straight into class or starting off with 4 or more personal training sessions. We highly recommends starting with personal training sessions so you can learn the movements we use here at Thrive Fitness before jumping into a class. This will help keep you safe and make for a more enjoyable class experience. We realize that not everyone needs personal training the begin, if you are one of those people we offer a straight to class option. 

Your first day you will be greeted by our Thrive Fitness staff and receive a tour of our gym! Choose from one of the Thrive Start programs below to start your journey. Experience our new facility and learn more about our classes and add-on programs.

Straight To Class

Includes Thrive Lift, Thrive Burn, Thrive TRX, Thrive Row, Thrive Ride, Thrive Yoga

10% off Retail Pricing

FREE Nutrition Consultation

Thrive On Demand 


4 Weeks of ALL Thrive classes
Personal Training + Classes
5 Personal Training sessions 30-50 minutes
One week trial of ALL Thrive classes

Choose to work 1:1 with a personal trainer before getting thrown into classes. During these Personal Training sessions, you will not only learn how to move properly but also gradually build your body and mind up, so you have the confidence to take on any Thrive Fitness Classes.


*Strongly recommended to set yourself up for the best Thrive Fitness experience possible


116 Gateway Dr. 

North Sioux City, SD 57049


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