New Thrive members begin their journey here with any one of our three ways below. After that you can move into the gym with the membership option that fits you best.

Your first day you will be greeted by our Thrive Fitness staff and receive a tour of our gym! Choose from the three Thrive Start programs below to start your journey. Experience our new facility and learn more about our classes and add-on programs.

Thrive Start Classes

Our Thrive Start classes meet 3 days a week the first two weeks of every month. New Thrive members learn about proper movement and techniques they will need to safely participate in future classes. 

After 2 week of Thrive Start join any of our Thrive 45 or Thrive Lift group classes.



$150 Package 

-2 Weeks Thrive Start Class
-2 Weeks Unlimited Access to Classes
-45 Minute Nutrition Consultation
Personal Training + Classes
-Personal Training session before each class. (4 minimum) 
-One week FREE unlimited classes (after PT completion) 
-45 minutes Nutrition Consultation

Choose to work 1:1 with a personal trainer before getting thrown into classes. During these Personal Training sessions, you will not only learn how to move properly but also gradually build your body and mind up, so you have the confidence to take on any Thrive Fitness Classes.


*Strongly recommended to set yourself up for the best Thrive Fitness experience possible


Thrive Assist

This is a truly new concept to the Siouxland area. If you are unsure if you need special training before classes or you might be hesitant to jump right into a group class setting, then Thrive Assist might just be for you. There are two options to choose from.

Option 1

Pick any of our Lift or TRX classes and have one of our coaches by your side during the whole class. This way, if you are worried about the difficultly level of class or the movements, a coach will be there to personalize modifications or pull you aside for one-on-one training without disrupting your workout or the class.

Option 2

A 30 min training session to see if you can jump right into class, or if Personal Training would

be a better way to start.


At the end of your Thrive Start 28 Day Experience, sit down with a Thrive staff member and review our membership options. Choose the pathway that best fits your fitness goals. You can also schedule add-on services like Nutrition coaching, remote workouts, personal training, supplements, and more!  

116 Gateway Dr. 

North Sioux City, SD 57049


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