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Move Well First.  Then Move Often.

Exercise is an incredibly important tool to help relieve pain and continue moving towards living a healthy lifestyle.  But the stress of exercise and the stresses of life can take a toll on our tissues and joints resulting in poor movement patterns.  The longer we enable these poor movement patterns and compensations, the increased risk of an injury will occur.  

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About the Doctor:

Dr. Grant Nobles graduated from the University of Iowa in 2009 before going on to Palmer College of Chiropractic and receiving his Doctorate Degree in 2012.   Upon graduation he accepted a position with Dr. Jamie Whitmer where he took on a satellite location in Sergeant Bluff and also working out of the Holstein, IA clinic.  He served at Co-Team Physician for Ridgeview High School athletics, as well as worked with Morningside College athletics, Crossfitters, running community and everyday weekend warriors.  

In 2016 he accepted a position in Minneapolis in which he treated patients in an interdisciplinary setting with other health care providers at Southdale Medical Center.  After three years of implementing conservative treatment into the medical setting he accepted a position back in Sioux City with Kruse Chiropractic.

Dr. Nobles takes a movement first approach, assessing movement patterns and addressing limitations and asymmetries.  He believes the body is built in a joint-by-joint fashion, with alternating mobile and stable joints in which pain will soon arise when we lose mobility and take it away from stabile areas.  He specializes in Graston instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, active release muscle therapy, chiropractic manipulative therapy, RockTaping, as well formulating corrective exercise programs to improve outcomes.  

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