I joined Thrive Fitness in February of 2018. I was just released by my doctor from a total knee replacement. I had been dealing with a worn-out knee for over 10 years. I was overweight and out of shape. The coaches at Thrive Fitness were very good to work with me and scale the movements to something I could complete. They were very watchful over me to make sure I was doing the movements correctly so I would not hurt myself. When I started working out, I modified my diet to what I thought was eating healthy. The first five months I lost 66 pounds, 22 ¼” and 5,5% body fat. In October I decided to start the Optavia 5 & 1 nutrition plan. On December 12th I was measured once again, I had been on the Optavia plan for 107 days. In the 107 days I lost 38 pounds, 20 ¼” and 6.9% body fat. This journey has been a life changing experience for me. It could not have done this without the help and support of the coaches and members at Thrive Fitness.

Dan Schuur

In January 2016, I weighted 352 lbs. I decided that I make a big change and in April, I had Gastric Bypass surgery. As part of that process, I needed to make exercise a priority, which it had never been. I started with Curves and then moved to a 24-hour fitness club, but by June of 2017, I wasn't making the progress I hoped for. I knew I needed someone to tell me what to do each day to reach my goals. I met with Travis and toured the gym. Two things struck me from the beginning. First, Travis was adamant that form came before everything. "If you never put any weight on the bar or if you never use anything but a PVC pipe, that's fine." Second, when we went back into the gym, I saw people who looked like me. By this time, I had lost about 85 pounds but still had weight to lose. But there were woman who weren't tiny. They were doing the activities. If they could, why couldn't I?

What I found when I started and as I've continued over the last 18 months is a community of people whose only goal is to be better than they were the day before. I remember one of my first regular classes after I started. It was six giant dudes and me. They were so encouraging and so helpful. If I had been nervous when I arrived that morning, I wasn't once we got started. The support that I receive from the Travis, the coaches and the other members of the gym are certainly the reason I come back and why it is almost always the BEST hour of my day. 

I still have weight to lose but it's no longer about the weight. My fitness journey now is about using this time to take care of myself, to make sure I'm the best person I can be. Whether I hit a certain number or just wear myself out, I'm never sorry that I went.

Kathy Kenkel

I’ve been a member of Thrive Fitness since May 2017.  I was attending anywhere between 2-4 times a week and more likely only 2-3 times a week most of the time.  I decided to sign up for the 6 week challenge in the hopes to kick start my New Year’s goal of being healthier.  I never thought that I was a very competitive person but I quickly realized that I am.  I was comparing my points daily and making sure to attend class and eat healthy in order to get the most points available for that day and to stay at one of the top 5 positions.  I didn’t think that a 6 week challenge would be as beneficial as it was because it’s “only for 6 weeks” - but it was.  I started going to the gym 4-6 times a week and I could feel myself getting stronger and my body fat % decreasing as well as inches and pounds.  I also didn’t think that I could see the change with the pounds and inches lost until I pulled together my photos from the beginning to the end of the challenge and could see the changes.  I am glad that I joined the challenge as it definitely kicked off the new year with working out more and eating better.  And I continue to set new goals for myself in order to accomplish my overall goal of being healthier.

Jaime Bengford

had posted about my weight on my Facebook page and how frustrated I had become. I reached 419 pounds and was slowly killing myself. It sounds extreme but it's true. Travis reached out to me from that post and I came in to talk with him. We had worked together before for a little over two years and I lost 80 pounds. Then life threw us all a few curveballs and I stopped working out. Needless to say the weight I was trying to lose found me since then and brought along a lot of friends. I did come back for a few months in the Spring of 2017. I ended up getting Planter Fasciitis in both feet and could hardly walk. So I stopped working out again and now here I am again. I signed on with Thrive Fitness and also Optavia.

Best decisions I ever made.

I have only been back two weeks and really enjoy the work outs and classes. All I the coaches are amazing coaches and genuinely care about their athletes. The group of athletes here are also supportive and I've met some amazing people. So far I’m down 35 pounds. It’s a great start. I always tell friends and family if I can do this at 51 years young then anyone can. Go for it!

Billy Denker

My journey at Thrive started 10 months ago as I took a couple years break from working out. I had bad weight to lose and getting back in shape was my goal. Thrive has a variety of programs to choose from and I wanted to pursue CrossFit as a means to challenge myself and get into friendly competitions in the gym and local events.

I enjoy the class structure and being told what the workout is everyday. You then can scale or alter the workout according to your abilities. I have been able to keep the bad weight off and put good muscle back on. I’m able to maintain my workouts and getting stronger all the time. It’s not easy to get the results you want, but sticking with their program has definitely helped me out. So if you’re looking for a gym that helps keep you accountable and gives you a personal program, rather than treating you like a number, you should check it out.


My Thrive Fitness journey started at 29 years old, 212 lbs., and 33.0% body fat. I pursued the Thrive 6 week challenge ending at 207lbs and 27.3% body fat. Losing 5.7% body fat in 6 weeks was not only satisfying for the physical improvement but it was done with no prior experience to Crossfit style training. Crossfit workouts are vast and take time to learn. To achieve such a milestone during a learning process was the most impressive aspect overall.

Now 4 months into the program I am showing significant performance improvements. I'm setting personal records almost weekly, I feel much stronger, my resting heart rate dropped from an average of 63 to 57 bpm, I have dropped 6 inches from my waist. The only issue has been buying all new clothes.

The staff at Thrive Fitness demonstrate a genuine concern for safety first. They are knowledgeable and cover each movement in detail. They do a great job pushing me or holding me back when I need it.

I do this for my sons who role model my behavior, my wife who has to live with me, my colleagues who count on me, and most importantly Myself.

Dustin Bailey

Within a years time, Thrive Fitness has completely changed my perspective on health and fitness. This gym has been a community of encouragement for my journey. I stopped working out simply for my physical appearance. I’ve made healthier goals like losing body fat percentage and increasing my strength. Friendly competition has pushed me to do things I didn’t think I could (like 11 pull-ups or hand stand push ups)! The trainers have been great resources ranging from information on supplements to proper lifting technique. Most importantly, I’ve formed friendships that inspire and encourage but at the same time won’t let me off the hook. This place is not a gym, it’s a healthy life style change.

Angie Swanson

I joined Thrive Fitness over one year ago. I was terrified walking in the door for the first class, afraid of not being able to finish a workout and that I would never be able to do half the movements asked for that workout. I learned quickly that I was wrong and through this time I have become much stronger, both physically and mentally.

The coaches are always supportive and extremely helpful in modifying to avoid injury and make your WOD be the best it can be. Throughout this journey I have learned it’s not what I can’t do but what I can do to make myself better. Everyone is at their own fitness level and it doesn’t matter as it is a fitness family, we encourage and cheer and celebrate along the way.

Jessica Prewitt-Emerson

I started CrossFit with Travis O'Connor over 3 years ago. When I walked into Travis’s gym, I was a mess. I was 36 and was facing serious medical challenges with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, and probably the start of some alarming Alcohol Dependency issues. I had left an abusive relationship and my self esteem was in the gutter. I had been told by my doctor that my lifestyle choices were slowly killing me and my time was running out.

I came to Travis with the intentions of going through the motions to try to get healthy. I watched people lifting weights and completing movements that my body was probably NEVER going to be able to do. What I found here was a community of wonderful and supporting people that have become my family; people that believe in my abilities and support me even when I don’t. And somehow, they know if I need them to cheer me on, or to give me a little space.

Immediately after the first week, I knew that this was what I wanted. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to face the challenges of a hard workout and leave feeling like I had accomplished something. Travis was a knowledgeable coach that gave me constructive criticism and even explained WHY I needed to do things a certain way. After working on the movements and the workouts, I became more interested in changing my diet…. Fueling my body rather than eating. I found the tools here to learn about nutrition. I found support and other people like me that just want to be BETTER.

It is now 3 years later, I have participated in 3 tournaments, one of which was the Granite Games. Yes… I actually completed in front of large crowds of people, which would have been impossible three years ago. I have conquered movements and lifts that I never dreamed that I would. My doctor informs me that I have a “BEAUTIFUL” heart, and I have not had to start ANY medication. The meek and mild woman that slunk in the door to discuss a gym membership isn’t here anymore. Instead, I feel beautiful and alive, healthy, and surrounded by a community that cares about and supports me. My two daughters participate with me, and encourage me. It has strengthened our relationship to do something like this together. Sometimes, the girls even call me a BEAST.

This gym, this gym owner, this community has changed my life. It has been a long journey with Travis. I don’t even think he knows that he saved my life. But he did. And his gym did. I love this place.

Laury Lau
Sioux City, IA

I had previously thought about joining a gym like Thrive fitness and ended up deciding to give the gym and their nutrition program a try after my last deployment. It has been one of the best decisions that I have made. The workouts are great and challenging for any fitness level, the coaches are encouraging and informative, and the members create a welcoming family like atmosphere. Thanks to joining Thrive Fitness and and participating in the nutrition program I am finally able to see improvement in myself and progress in my fitness journey. 

Augusta Ireland




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